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Le courante d'observation: sur les journaux intimes de Mademoiselle S.

Advertencia general: Contenido adulto en los textos, ni hablar de las confesiones.
'Five pieces of gold,' he said, 'and my nets, and the wattled house where I live, and the painted boat in which I sail. Only tell me how to get rid of my soul, and I will give thee all that I possess.'

She laughed mockingly at him, and struck him with the spray of hemlock. 'I can turn the autumn leaves into gold,' she answered, 'and I can weave the pale moonbeams into silver if I will it. He whom I serve is richer than all the kings of this world and has their dominions.'

'What then shall I give thee,' he cried, 'if thy price be neither gold nor silver?'

The Witch stroked his hair with her thin white hand. 'Thou must dance with me, pretty boy,' she murmured, and she smiled at him as she spoke.

'Nought but that?' cried the young Fisherman in wonder, and he rose to his feet.

'Nought but that,' she answered, and she smiled at him again.

Oscar Wilde - The Fisherman and his Soul
.Historias originales.
[Blood plus]
[D-gray man]
[Dark tower]
[Darker than black]
[Death note]
[Harley quinn]
[Hey Arnold],
[Lady oscar]
[Romeo x Juliet]
[Rozen maiden]
[Sakura gari]
[Sugar rush]
[Sugar sugar rune]
[The sandman]
[Thief lord]
[Witch hunter robin]
[Wolf's rain]

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